The Beharry Group

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Edward B Beharry & Co. Ltd. Was born in 1937, it began as an importer, wholesalers and retailer of food products and naturally incorporated several agencies into its line of items. In March of 1959 Edward B. Beharry took his first of many bold steps when he entered into the manufacturing arena producing Baking Powder. The company has over the years expanded its product line to include Curry Powder, Custard Powder, Black Pepper, Coffee, Confectionery, Bubble Gum, Paper Bags and most recently Pasta. In June 1989 the bold step to enter in the financial arena was taken and Secure International Trust Co. Ltd. Was born, which now operates under Secure International Finance Co. Ltd. The first major acquisition of Edward B. Beharry & Co. Ltd. was that of North American Life Insurance Co. Ltd., which is now North American Life and Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. The acquisition continues in July 1994 with Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry.


The company first started out with Mr. & Mrs. Beharry and three staff. This number grew to over 300 employees through the years as did the company with all production and vehicle servicing being moved to the Mandela Site some five acres large. read more